Seamless STEM Library Scope out a preview of the Seamless STEM Library The Cricket in Times Square

The Cricket in Times Square

It's time to dive into the science, engineering, and math connections in The Cricket in Times Square. 

We're taking a deep dive into the following passages:

The mouse’s name was Tucker, and he was sitting in the opening of abandoned drain pipe in the subway station at Times Square. The drain pipe was his home. Back a few feet in the wall, it opened out into a pocket that Tucker had filled with bits of paper and shreds of cloth he collected. And when he wasn’t collecting, “scrounging” as he called it, or sleeping, he liked to sit in the opening of the drain pipe and watch the world go by -- at least as much of the world hurried through the Times Square subway station.

“I could feel the basket being carried into a car and riding somewhere and then being lifted down. That must have been the railroad station. Then I went up again and there was a rattling and roaring sound, the way a train makes. By this time I was pretty scared. I knew every minute was taking me further away from my stump, but there wasn’t anything I could do.”

“In the course of many years of scrounging, it was only natural I should find a certain amount of loose change. Often -- oh, often, my friends,” Tucker put his hand over his heart, “would I sit in the opening of my drain pipe, watching the human beings and waiting. And whenever one of them dropped a coin -- however small! -- pennies I love -- I would dash out, at great peril to life and limb, and bring it back to my house. Ah, when I think of the trampling shoes and the dangerous galoshes--! Many times have I had my toes stepped on and my whiskers torn off because of these labors. But it was worth it! Oh, it was worth it, my friends, on account of now I have two half dollars, five quarters, two dimes, six nickels, and eighteen pennies tucked away in the drain pipe!”


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